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“Risk Magazine is a platform for individuals that celebrate nonconformity and embody self expression. Risk aims to break away from stereotypes and embrace individuality and freedom of self-acceptance.”

— Editor-In-Chief, Colin Anderson



For questions about your membership, and/or cancellations, email contact@risk-mag.com including your username or email associated with your account. Please allow up to 48 hours for us to process your request.

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Risk Restricted welcomes collaborators alike to share the Risk vision by submitting original exclusive content up for consideration.

Risk works exclusively with an in-house team, as well as commissioning and working hand-in-hand with other top talent to produce exclusive content.

Risk Restricted is a 100% unfiltered & uncensored platform. For fashion or partial-nudity series, these series will be considered for Risk-mag.com.

Online Submission Guidelines: Please send Low Resolution previews of all photos including the editorial team and styling credits in a PDF file to contact@risk-mag.com to be considered.

Self-Submission Guidelines: Self submission stories are series/portraits/videos of Risk supporters alike who wish to share their visual and mindful experiences on the topics of nudity, sexuality, and all things Risk. Please send Low Resolution previews of all photos, including IG handle , and any team credits (if applicable) to contact@risk-mag.com to be considered. 

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