"RAW" - Outtakes & Interview

"I once had the best threesome of my life with two of my friends. It was amazing. Went on for hours. We back flipped and front flipped, back bended, somersaulted, reverse lunged and spread eagled. It was like making love with two people at once. Not just sex. Iconic moment." - Kyreed

"Sometimes I feel like people are taken by or caught off guard by my sexual energy. It's not something I hide or try to hide. I’m very sex positive and I allow myself to share that with other like minded people and of course through my photos. Being in the gay community some find that a turn on while others can slut shame you. For me, being promiscuous is not a bad thing, it’s just a form of your own sexual expression. And quite frankly, it’s no one else’s business what you do in the bedroom."

"As much as we hate to admit it, labels are ingrained in our community. Top/bottom. Masc/fem. I've spent so much of my life trying to fit into one of those categories, and at this point I finally realized that I don’t fit, and I don't need to. I’m somewhere on the spectrum because there is one. With time I’ve moved much more into the top category of that spectrum, but at the same time I’ve become more feminine. Would I describe myself as a fem top? No. But some would. I don’t think people understand how irritating it is to be put in a box. "

"An instant turn on for me is when a guy is more dominant. I like being submissive and “servicing” a man. Pull your cock out and let me make you feel good and then tell me to bend over and take it. Yes sir!" - Edward

"My favorite part of a mans body is definitely the ass. Growing up in a society where women are so oversexualized, I always associated that body part with women. When I started being honest with myself about the toxic masculinity that was manipulating my perspective of the male form, I started appreciating how beautiful the ass can be. You can tell a lot about a guy by his ass." - Ty

"One of my most intense sexual experiences was actually facing my jealousy and possessiveness. I recognized I had unrealistic expectations in my partnership (most catalysted by the influence of monogamy). I wanted to conduct an experiment to see why I thought I didn't like the idea of my partner being sexually intimate with another person. So one night, I asked my partner to find someone he was sexually attracted to, bring him home and fuck him right in front of me. Once the reality of the situation settled in, I saw how sexually repressed I was. This taboo act became the first of many enlightening experiences to come, and if you have any intense control issues or power dynamics in your relationship I highly recommend it as an exercise." - Ty

"I like “cock-teasing”. I enjoy exploring power dynamics, and edging is a fun way to do that. I also like that there is an element of self-control involved. I hadn't experienced an intense edging session until more recently. My boyfriend hid restraints beneath his bed, blindfolded me and then proceeded to tie my arms and legs to the bed. He had complete control over my body for what seemed like hours. I liked the rush of not knowing where he was going to touch me, or when he was going to stop." - Ty

"The most intense sexual experience I've ever had was when I was on vacation and got fisted by two guys at a rave." - Ben

"I used to care about having a connection with someone when I would have sex, but as time has passed I can get fucked by anyone at anytime and not think about it after. " -Ben

"I think that people believe that I am some scary and gross person since I'm a porn star, but I am really a normal and fun guy that does ballet and just enjoys getting fucked." -Ben

In a Risk Restricted Exclusive, Kyree Jordan, Ben Masters, Edward Alan, Ty Shearn, & Colin Anderson star in 'Raw' photographed by Pavel Denisenko.

Photographer Pavel Denisenko

Art Direction Colin Anderson

Text Ben Kline

Models Kyree Jordan, Ben Masters, Edward Alan, Ty Shearn, & Colin Anderson

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