Caged Jock by Pavel Denisenko

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

Nudity to me means being confident in your truest nature. I find the human body to be very beautiful, especially the male physique. I just love everything about the male body: the hair, the jawline, the muscles, the genitals, the smell, the way men think and process information. Everything.

I'm confident in my body. I have always taken good care of myself with diet and exercise. I started lifting when I was 18 and I never stopped. The main difference would be that when I first started lifting, I didn't know what I was doing. Now, I have more knowledge about lifting and dieting so I can see better results. I didn't always have confidence in my style, but I think I have gotten better over the years.

I definitely have learned to see myself in a positive light. It did take time to get my mindset to where I am now. You know, in high school you would have a kid who was a total nerd, one who wasn’t athletic, and one who was not popular? I was all three. I was an oddball. It was a long journey to get to where I am now, so I appreciate everything that I have.

I remember when I was in my adolescent years and I started to discover my sexuality through porn. I didn't realize it at the time, but it finally hit me one day that the majority of every pornstar I saw was of the muscular white male. Sometimes sprinkled with black performers, and I could count on one hand how many times I saw Asian adult models. When you grow up with that kind of image, it makes you question your identity.

I do my best to represent the Asian community in the best light possible. I also think that sex shouldn't be oppressive. Guns have more exposure in mainstream media than sex, even though sex is very natural. I love educating my viewers about different kinks and providing them the much-needed knowledge about different techniques: some can be as simple as how to make popper lasts longer to complex knowledge such as fisting. Fans often sent me messages saying how they appreciate me educating them about sex.

The media before Instagram was very restrictive. It had a very singular vision when it comes to beauty. Now the world is becoming more and more inclusive because you can express your voice. You can see different body shapes, different races, different skin colors, different facial aesthetics. It does make you feel that you're not alone. Facebook connected people, but Instagram connected the world. Overall, the narrative of the media is still pretty much black and white but I can see progress is being made.

I don't think anyone is really showing their true self these days. We all have certain filters to our persona. Cagedjock has a certain image, and even though I control the narrative, it doesn't mean I can post just anything. What I express has to be creative, diverse, relatable, but also stay within the context of an image that I created. So I'm doing it not necessarily because of social stigma but because I want to keep my content cohesive.

First of all, I didn't plan to be an adult model. That was never on my trajectory, but life throws curve balls at you.

Fast forward to 2015, I had lost my job and was on unemployment. I had all the time on my hand, so I started a Tumblr blog just for fun with the theme of chastity and sports. It took off like a rocket. I continued to update my blog regularly. Then I was fed up with my job at the time so I quit the industry in 2016. I started to venture into the adult entertainment business because I had a vision of what I could do with it. I kept my face hidden at first because I wasn't doing it to seek attention. Then one day I just said fuck it, there isn't enough Asian representation in the adult world so someones gotta do it. And that's how I started to completely reveal myself.

I work as an adult model. I find myself being naked all the time. Because I constantly have to be naked for work it's no longer a sexual rush. When I'm not working you would find me in a pair of sexy underwear. Charlie is my favorite. I don't mind being naked on camera for the world to see, but I hate being naked in a room full of people. I don't even like being naked at home. I'm just not a nudist. I love my body, I just don't like being naked. I love being in sexy underwear or speedo. Something about a nicely cut speedo that accentuates your body makes it sexy.

I love my perseverance. It's a trait given from God which I'm so thankful for. I moved to NYC all by myself 10 years ago. I had no connections. I didn't even know Manhattan was an island. I had little knowledge about the city, but through perseverance, I made it. I think even God is surprised at my capability.

Physically, I love my facial structure, especially my cheekbones. The guys appreciate my big ass, so I can't complain. I love getting my glutes bigger everyday, haha.

I love sports gear: football pants, helmets, basketball shorts, muscle tanks, jockstraps. And if the guy is locked in chastity underneath his pants, fucking perfect. I also love fisting. Devin Franco is my favorite jock bottom. He can handle almost anything. I love public sex. I think it's the thrill of getting caught that accelerates my adrenaline. I'm a very sexually adventurous person.

I'm attracted to the male physique. I love the different hairstyles on men. I love the muscle structures. I love pheromones. The smell of his armpit, his skin, his crotch, his taint. Each has its unique scent. I love the deep voice. I love men's animalistic behaviors. But most importantly, I love the way men think and their views of themselves. I find it fascinating.

Sex is important. It has so many benefits. My sex life can be described in one word: blessed. I have had a lot of good sex. I often find myself having sex in front of the camera but I still have a good time. It can be a bit mechanic though because you gotta switch the angles, find the right lighting, holding the camera while a dick is inside of you. One time my phone's memory ran out so I had to stop to delete files and make space, haha.

My biggest fantasy is to get gang banged with my bottom buddy Andy in a room full of big cock men. They make us strip naked and put our belongings in a box then lock it up, only to be retrieved after they're done with us. We both would get passed around like rag dolls. As soon as one dick pulls out, the other would be putting it in. Our mouths and holes constantly filled with dicks. Fuck until we are delusional. Then they pack our used-up bodies into the trunk of the car, drive us to a rural area, and kick us out with the locked box. It'll be up to us to find a way to get access to our belongings and find our way home.

Caged Jock stars photographed by Pavel Denisenko for Risk Restricted.

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