Brandon Anthony @NakedMensYoga in 'The Act of Self Love'

Updated: Apr 14, 2019

Sexuality is Spiritual for me.

I grew up in the deeply conservative and Christian state of Indiana, spending most of my adolescence praying to be "fixed" and abusing myself when I thought of men. I suppose my outspokenness on sex positivity and "fuck shame" attitude developed as a direct rebuke of all those years of self hate. Once I finally stopped running away myself, I discovered that I am quite the sexual being! Spending so much of my early life believing something was wrong with me pushed me to the opposite end of the spectrum. The thought of another closeted queer kid in the Midwest growing up hating themselves because they've been taught that who they are is a sin is infuriating for me. I am no longer religious, but if I had to pick an experience that has made me feel closer to "God" or an equivalent feeling of universal connectivity and other-worldliness, Sex would be at the top of that list. Sexuality is Spiritual for me.

- Brandon Anthony

What is your experience with producing sexually charged and freeing classes and experiences in today’s social/political climate.

It's therapy! We've lost queer sex positive spaces like Tumblr, gay clubs all over the US are closing down, and social media censorship is especially high and homophobic on sites like Instagram and Facebook. For myself and many of the men who attend, these workshops are one of the few spaces where we can come together to explore and celebrate our sexual selves without shame.

Who comes to your class, and why do you think people enjoy it?

One of my favorite things about teaching these workshops, is how diverse the groups are. Thousands of Gay, Bi, and Straight men of all colors, shapes, and sizes from 18 - 74 have shared these experiences with me, and their reasons for joining are almost as varied. Love is the motivation that seems to connect them all though. Whether it's self love - men actively putting in the work to heal themselves and feel at home in their bodies, or outer love - men searching for connection and looking to experience the healing power or touch, it always comes back to Love.

You offer an arrange of different styles of yoga and experiences. Could you break those down into what those different classes entail?

Vinyasa Yoga

We flow continuously through a sequence of traditional Yoga Sun Salutations and standing postures, linking breath with movement as we build heat, strength, and flexibility in the body.

Tantra Partner Yoga

In Tantra Partner Yoga, we begin similarly to a slow restorative yoga class, connecting with one another through breath and partner yoga. Once we’ve built up some heat, we flow deeper into the Tantra work, coming in and out of postures that deepen our connection to the root (sex) chakra. We rotate partners multiples times, giving and receiving each other's body weight and enjoying the build of sensual chi as we grind and breathe together.

Tantric Edging

Lying on the mats, skin to skin with our bodies overlapping - We take our time stroking and breathing together as we explore Tantric and Yogic methods of self pleasure and exploration. Working to build stamina and control, we edge towards climax and back down multiple times, ending the session with slow, deep, connected breath work and full bodied group Release.


Movement2Music is a guided free form musical journey. There's no choreography to memorize, no wrong moves, and no wrong steps. Just moving, feeling, and Living to the Music. Letting go of our inhibitions - We play, dance, move, express, and connect with one another through music.

Tantric Group Massage

In Tantric Group Massage, we break into small groups, setting one person up for massage in the center of each. Everyone gets of 15 minutes in the center, as the other men in the group use oil, hands, and every other part of their bodies to massage and stimulate sexual chi. We celebrate touch and enjoy each other fully.

Brandon Anthony from @NakedMensYoga stars in 'The Act of Self Love' photographed by Pavel Denisenko for Risk Restricted.

Photography Pavel Denisenko

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Model Brandon Anthony @NakedMensYoga

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