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Gabriel Palacios stars in 'Flood' by Pedro Pablo for Risk Restricted

"I am interested in a  sexual experience that doesn’t aim to have each other as a prize. Rather, it arises from an intimate desire to unfold and enjoy oneself in connection with life. "

- Gabriel Palacios

It's very different to have a hard-on caused by a fetish or external stimulation, to the sweet boner that arises from a state of eros in connection with oneself; the pleasure of feeling in your flesh and your fluids vibrating to the bones. In the second one, the blood floods the cock like the lava of a volcano that erupts because it needs to express its fire. It’s a power that is born from within, happening inside, regardless of what happens outside. There, every moment of pleasure is part of a continuous orgasm, like a tide of waves at high seas.

Sexuality can exist in oneself without external objects of desire. It can be a sacred communion with the Cosmos through what is in you. And then, from that state of pleasure, what a wonder of the gods it is to share it with other people. I make love for the love to give. My pleasure is not my goal. It is my starting point, the current that moves me and my offering.

In a Risk Restricted Exclusive, Gabriel Palacios photographed by Pedro Pablo.

Photographer Pedro Pablo

Model, Writer Gabriel Palacios

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