Restricted Self Study: Marcus Tyler VanDyke

I used to hate my body from high school all the way up to 22. I feel like in the last couple of years I’ve started to work out more and have seen results, and learned that it’s not all about being the biggest, but just being your best. Now I love the body I’m in. 

I do I want people to feel like they should see there bodies for what they are. Beautiful. 

Nudity is confidence.

I haven't always been comfortable with nudity, but I’m on a journey with it! 

All the time I’ve censored myself and what I wanted to post or say on social media. It’s not until now that I’ve finally found my voice and am able to be me 100% 

I love my ass.

In a Risk Restricted Self Study, Marcus Tyler VanDyke bares it all in a self shot series.

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