'Mirror Touch' by Sebastián Gherrë Rojas

Evoking a spirit of desire, lust, and intimacy, Sebastián Gherrë Rojas, a Chilean documentary maker, has captured the essence of being queer in the 21st century in Latin America. Creating not only a safe space, but one filled with raw expression, Sebastián has spent the last decade traveling his homeland capturing an authentic queer experience. Images that portray unashamed arousal, sex, and love are a stark contrast to it's conservative surroundings, and stand as a beacon of change compared to the dangerous environments many of the individuals face in their daily lives for being who they are. Unashamed and queer, introducing "Mirror Touch", by Sebastián Gherrë Rojas.

In A Risk Restricted Exclusive, filmmaker Sebastián Gherrë Rojas debuts "Mirror Touch".

Photographed & Curated by Sebastián Gherrë Rojas

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