Quentin & Lorenzo in 'Just Photocopying My Boyfriend' by Lorenzo Paino

Updated: Aug 3, 2019

Lorenzo : 

For me nudity is just the way that we are all born. I don’t see why for some people it’s taboo. Nudity is pure. Nudity is poetic. It’s different shapes, different colors, and different beauties. I can now see a pro-nudity movement not only in the arts. I believe the only important thing is to make the difference between nudity and real pornography.

When you work in fashion, it’s super hard to not compare yourself with more stylish people or more sexy/muscular people. With time you realize that every model is different, and no one has the same body. In the real world, I now understand people like me for who I am, and we can’t satisfy the whole world. You just have to be confident. I like my body the way it is, and I don’t want to be different. Quentin :  Like most people, I had negative beliefs about myself, and specifically with my body. I learned that negative thoughts about yourself holds you back from being who you really are. Make peace with your body and be kind to yourself. Everyone should see themselves in a positive light because there’s only one of you in this world, and that’s the most important thing. Give yourself energy everyday. We’re all a little stronger than we think we are. For me nudity is not just about seeing skin or being naked. Nudity is art and shouldn't be shameful. We all have the same underneath our clothes, so why should someone’s body be offensive? It is important to express you sexuality because it helps me to embrace my confidence in such a vulnerable raw state.

In A Risk Restricted Exclusive, Quentin & Lorenzo star in 'Just Photocopying My Boyfriend' by Lorenzo Paino.

Model Quentin Schneider

Photographer Lorenzo Paino

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