Risk Self Study: Gabriel Feliu

Updated: Aug 3, 2019

In A Risk Self Study, Gabriel Feliu talks self-care, sexuality, and how he's learned to embrace his body.

I would say I have a love & hate relationship with my body. Since a young age I have struggled with accepting and  learning to love my body. Even though it’s been tough, over the years I have learned how important self-care is in order to maintain a positive mind set. I can honestly say I’m still in a state of growth.

To me nudity is a form of expression, and over the years it has played an important role in my work. I don’t view nudity as something distasteful or denigrating: to me it is so much more than just the physical context of it. Nudity can be a way to express vulnerability, love & acceptance among other things. 

I wish we didn’t view our bodies in such a judgmental way. We are constantly being pressured into looking a certain way to meet up with the standards of beauty. Not only is the pressure being applied by society and it’s stigmas, but we ourselves contribute a lot to this on going pressure, which is ridiculous because beauty can be so relative. Instead we should learn to embrace the diversity in each one of us. 

One of my biggest turn ons would have to be the act of seduction, nothing turns me on more than trying to seduce someone or getting seduced. I love the fact of how seduction can be something very subtle , just with a look your able to seduce someone. Which when done right can lead to another one of my turn ons which is foreplay. Now we’re past the point of seduction and entering into the realm of lust. Getting each other undressed & exploring our bodies is just the beginning. The tension starts to build up until it’s finally time to connect our bodies as one.

I’m constantly having to filter my personality in order to be socially accepted, but never to the point where I loose myself, or disregard my beliefs just to be accepted. 

Growing up I wasn’t the most confident kid, especially since I suffered from a lot of bulling. It wasn’t until I started exploring with different media’s that I was able to accept and feel confident with myself. In a sense, media influenced me into learning to embrace my looks. 

I would say my favorite part of my body would have to be my eyes & mouth, since I really like the way their shaped. They also show a part of my heritage and ethnicity which is very important to me.

Sex isn’t that important to me. I can go months without having sex or even going out on a date. I’m not a big fan of one night stands, but don’t get me wrong, I’m not some type of hopeless romantic. Honestly for me there needs to be a connection in order for me to have sex with someone. I believe that during sex a lot of our energy is exchanged, positive & negative energy alike. Because of this, I stray away from sleezy meaningless sex. So I would have to say that my sex life is not a very active one, but it does get exciting from time to time. 

I have always  been intrigued by the idea of being with a bisexual couple. I can say this one of my biggest fantasies for sure, being able to enjoy a man and a women at once without any taboos or social stigmas. Just pure kinky good sex.

In A Risk Self Study, Gabriel Feliu talks self-care, sexuality, and how he's learned to embrace his body.

Model & Photo Gabriel Feliu

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