Risk Self Study: Yannik Zamboni

Updated: Aug 3, 2019

Risk Self Study - Exploring the personal concept of nudity, sexuality, and expression through the eyes of the Risk reader.

I used to feel "not perfect" enough, as I was modeling for quite a while and I was being compared to other models all the time. It was part of my job. I often felt not pretty, not beautiful, not perfect enough. Now I just don`t care about perfection anymore as I learned to appreciate my flaws and imperfections.

Nudity is the the way I was born, something absolutely natural. I feel often much more comfortable naked then dressed. You only get judged by dressed people. No one naked ever judges me.

As I was a "late bloomer", I didn`t feel comfortable with nudity during puberty. Everyone in my class already had a man's body, pubes, etc., while I was trapped in that boy body. That was a hard time for me. After puberty I started to feel comfortable again. I feel quiet passive with my nudity. Although I guess because of my physical build, size, a lot of people experience my nudity as aggressive. There is never one truth, everyone has it`s own truth.

One of my biggest turn-ons sexually is to be used by an entire group of men, not knowing their names or who they are. After we are done, I silently leave as if nothing happened.

I am quite happy media does not influence me that much. I found the way I want to look without having to copy every beauty trend. I have found my way to ignore media.

There is nothing more beautiful then confidence, which comes from within, but everyone can see it.

In A Risk Self Examination, Yannik Zamboni talks with Risk Restricted.

Subject/Model: Yannik Zamboni

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