Risk Self Study: Edo Ramirez

Nowadays I am quite positive with my body, but it hasn't always been that way. I am a dancer, and since I was 8 years old I have been told that I am too thin, and that I am not strong or masculine enough. Time has changed and I´ve learned to accept my body type, and now I feel great in my own skin.

I am quite demanding with everything I do. I train a lot, and I take care of myself a lot because my work depends on my body. Right now I like my body and what I can express with it. The human body is wonderful and what we can achieve with it is beyond our imagination.

To me nudity it is a form of expression. It is to let the body speak for itself. It is the most basic and most forgotten beauty of the human being, as nudity has been present since art exists.

Expressing my sexuality for me all started as a game, because I was increasingly happy and comfortable with my body that I decided to show it on social media. Of course not all people liked it, and many comments were pretty terrible, which shows that we live in a sexually frustrated society. Over time, I have discovered magnificent people who feel the same way as me; people who write me private messages and tell me that what I do is wonderful , it is art, and that person has grasped the idea of ​​how I feel and has understood that what I do is a mere way of expression, to free myself from the daily life.

Things I enjoy about myself. I think it would be the fact that I am a fairly focused person. I have always known what I want and I have tried to get it. I can be very stubborn, but I am very disciplined. I suppose that all these are virtues and good things that dance has given me. Physically I have been blessed with a beautiful ass, lol.

As I have not always felt comfortable with my body, I have not always felt comfortable with nudity. As dancers, we always compare ourselves with others, and I remember that I compared myself very much with my classmates, who were taller or stronger as I wanted to be like them. I realized that there were many people who wanted to have my body type, that for them it seemed to be a beautiful and balanced body. I began to value those comments and appreciate what I already had. I think that the way I show nudity and how I express it can be a bit aggressive for others, but for me it certainly isn't.

I have realized that at times I have censored myself, mostly due to the fact that people really have issues when I show my feminine side. I have always struggled finding balance and accepting that my feminine side is quite strong, so for many years I've been hiding it, thinking that maybe boys wouldn't like me if they see that part of me.  

My biggest fantasy. A 5-star hotel, white sheets and towels, a bottle of wine or champagne, all paid for by a good daddy, waiting for me in bed impatient for my arrival. Modeling his favorite lingerie, drinking, laughing, having a good time. I love the idea of ​​being an object of desire, that he masturbates while he sees me, but without touching me. That he likes to look at me, and that he can cum in any place he decides, as he owns me, but he can't fuck me.

I would describe my sex life as quite active. I really like boys to notice me and flirt with me. I like to feel desired, and I really love to tease boys. However in order for me to have sex with someone, I have to have a really good connection. Chemistry is a requirement.

In a Risk Restricted self study, Edo Ramirez strips down in thought and appearance for a self shot series and interview.

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