Risk Self Study: Mohit Tiwari

My relationship with my body was never unpleasant. It was always neutral because I never really browsed that aspect of self-love. My familiarity and closeness with my body grew during the lockdown. I was bound in my home with close to nothing to do. That is exactly when I started coddling my body. Indulging in this form of self-love was arousing for me as it graced me with the realization that I have a beautiful body and I look alluring bare.

Nudity for me is not limited to shedding clothes. It is much beyond that facet. I define nudity as a form of self-love and expression of that love. Metaphorically, I see nudity as a process offering your own self from the veneer that the society has obligated onion. It is revealing your bare self to the people. Also, nudity is powerful and empowering for me as revealing your true and bare self takes courage and determination, especially when society is always forcing its social stigma upon us and we are constantly surrounded by unattainable beauty standards.

Social media has played an integral role in my journey of accepting my sexuality. I learned a lot from people who were comfortable and talking about their sexuality. It made me feel less of a social outcast and more at ease with my sexuality. And since I have accepted my disposition, I want to reach out to people and try to help them because accepting yourself just the way you are is the prime step in a person's journey of personal growth. I want people to know that they are not different, special, unusual, or a social outcast. They are just perfectly normal.

Talking about physical facet, I'm in love with my body. And talking about it more particularly, I love my beard, thighs, and lips because all of these are quite "thick". Coming to the mental aspect of my persona, I think, my sense of detachment keeps me going. Even though I'm a person with passionate and intense feelings, I feel that everything in life is temporary, be it situations or certain people. My sense of detachment helps me in disconnecting from a particular person, phase, or situation which might not be in my welfare.

Honestly, I have not always been very comfortable with nudity. When I was younger, I always thought that it didn't go with the social norms which were fed to me. Social media, once again, played an important part here. As I grew older and I started consuming various kinds of content, I stumbled upon a lot of accounts on social media, especially Instagram, where people were beautifully showcasing their bare bodies. It did make me uncomfortable initially, but it started growing on me soon.

I feel that I'm passive with my nudity. I'm embarking this journey slowly and step by step. I'm not completely out there yet. Before perceiving our bodies, I think what's more important is to accept the fact that there are numerous body types and sizes and we do not have to fit in any one type or size. I wish the way we try to alter or demoralize ourselves because of some irrational unattainable beauty standards, could be changed.

I tend to censor the feminine side of my character because of the social stigma that surrounds it. Males and females are made up of both masculine and feminine energy. But males take no notice of their feminine energy because of the way toxic masculinity has been endorsed and fed to society.

In a Risk Restricted self study, Mohit Tiwari strips down in thought and appearance for a self shot series and interview.

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