Risk Self Study: Nicki Tuan

Updated: Apr 19

My relationship with my body has been improved since I started to care less and less about what other people think. I have also learnt to focus on not only how I look but also how I feel. I think feeling good is way more important than looking good.

I have learnt to love my body by appreciating my uniqueness. Knowing I am the only one of me really helps maintaining a positive attitude toward my body.

For me nudity means freedom.

It’s funny that I don’t even use the word “express,” which sounds like a bit too much effort. I think sexuality is something so natural that it will flow and express itself if I allow me to be myself. In short, if you’re not hiding anything, everything is an expression.

I love how my body evolves every single second. I love knowing every cell is eavesdropping on my mind to reflect my desires onto how my body looks and feels.

Nudity is both casual and sexual to me.

It depends on my mood. I can be cooking naked which is super casual and can be turned on by just undoing a button on my shirt.

I don’t have much negative thoughts on how we perceive our bodies regarding how far we’ve come. I think we are in a better place now and everything keeps getting better.

I find myself censoring certain parts of my personality because of social stigma. But it’s more about deliberately choosing what I think would entertain and add value to people than hiding things which I feel ashamed of.

Media has influenced me big time. But recently I try to focus on how it inspires me, and not letting it define how I perceive myself.

The most beautiful and magical thing is that a body can trigger endless emotions and sensations. What I love is how mysterious and unexpected our bodies are.

I love my eyes because they scream “Asian!”

In A Risk Self Study, Nicki Tuan talks nudity, social media, and shares self-shot portraits.

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