Risk Self Study: Nitish Patra by Mohit Tiwari

"Until my college days, I was all bones. But once I started gaining weight, I actually loved the way I naturally looked like a boxer. When it comes to my body, I am content with what I have got."

"Nudity for me is like that wisp of oxygen which my body keeps craving for. Sexuality gives a forum for expression of all emotions unfiltered and raw. I would say I am comfortable with my nudity, and also that I am aggressive in the way I express my nudity. It's a casual thing."

"My favorite part's of my body. My balls and perineum when waxed. Balls are round, and perineum because it's quite sensitive. My thighs. My average genitalia looks proportionate compared to my big thighs. Back of my shoulders, as there is a great shape to it."

"People with dark, bushy, controlled pubes is my biggest turn on. Chiseled women with abs, I drool upon.Sex should always be nasty. Cum kissing and pissing on each other."

"Sex is important to me because it let's you exhibit all your emotions unadulterated. My sex life currently is all about hands."

"Media has shaped me to accept all body types. To me, it's more about the confidence you glance upon."

In a Risk Restricted Self Study, Nitish Patra strips down in text & photo, photographed by Mohit Tiwari.

Model & Text Nitish Patra

Photographer Mohit Tiwari

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