Risk Self Study: Romer Sledge

Updated: Aug 3, 2019

In A Risk Self Study, Romer Sledge talks self-care, sexuality, and how he's learned to embrace his body.

I’ve been skinny since I was a child, so growing up I developed this inferiority complex about my body and I hated it. Until I discovered fashion and photography, it changed my perspective about my body and I started to embrace it more.

Nudity to me is freedom and an expression of one’s self. Expressing my sexuality is important for me because it promotes my sexual self-esteem. It strengthens the connection and love for my own body, and how I relate intimately to someone else both emotionally and physically. I was never comfortable with nudity before. Growing up in a conservative country it was kind of a taboo to be naked. I just started feeling comfortable naked in the past 9-10 years that I’ve been here in California. I’m still not very casual about it but it’s been a good and exciting experience for sure..

Physically I love my eyes, my lips and my small frame. My favorite part about my body is my butt. I like how small, perky and naturally smooth it is.

Mentally, I’m smart, funny, and I can say I’m more on the creative side too. I can create images in my mind which I use often to translate to my images.

I’m a very introverted person to be honest, so my social media persona is totally different, it’s like an alter ego. I just wanted to create series of images, and at the same time I am still studying myself and my body because I’m a work in progress and I use instagram to capture all of that.

I wish we as humans looked more into ourselves, recognize and appreciate what we love about our own body, and focus on that. Accepting what we have and focus on making ourselves better instead of comparing ourselves to other people.

Media is a mixed feeling for me because everything is out there, it’s just a matter of how would you make that information benefit you instead of break you.

My biggest kink probably involves me with two other guys and an audience. Sex is very important to me especially because thats how I express my love and affection for my partner, and our sex life has been amazing.

The art of undressing turns me on because I’m a very visual person and I love seeing how a man undresses in anticipation of revealing something right in front of my eyes. It’s like a show you know? Also foreplay turns me on. It doesn’t matter how aggressive or soft you are when it comes to foreplay to me, as it reveals something about a man’s personality which is interesting.

In A Risk Self Study, Romer Sledge talks self-care, sexuality, and how he's learned to embrace his body.

Model & Interview Romer Sledge

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